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Sharpen ‘Em Knives: Here’s Your Chance To Be #ThePoultryChef

What Is It?

Who says the lockdown can’t be fun? We are all trying to adapt to this new reality and one of the things that has been most fun are the hobbies we are picking up on the way. Well, this is a callout to all the chefs or the ones-in-making (courtesy, the Lockdown) to take out their chef hats and knives because we are asking you to make the recipe that you think is most unique. The recipe that you ace better than anyone, thanks to a secret ingredient or your love for the cuisine. It’s time to bring the spotlight on #ThePoultryChef! As the name suggests, there is just one condition, it should include protein rich poultry meats(chicken/turkey/duck) in some capacity, the rest of it is all your creativity. 

Why Should I Participate?

Well, because this is a good chance to impress your family with your recipe in this lockdown. Also because the recipe will be featured on our platform. And to top it all, B-town’s favorite Chef Chinu Vaze will replicate your recipe in an LBB video! From Zoya Akhtar to Imran Khan, and even Ranbir Kapoor - Chef Chinu is a celeb favorite, so having her make your recipe is like a dream come true, am I right? And there’s more, the lucky winners will receive exciting goodies! Now, isn’t that awesome? 

Awesome, How Can I Win?

Hit the register button and let us know which recipe you are planning to blow our minds with! Bonus points for putting up a post of your heavenly delicacies and tagging LBB on your personal Instagram account!