Ten-Second Takeaway

Bird Group’s newly opened Roseate House at Aerocity is now fully operational. They have a 24-hour running kitchen, a dedicated bar with the best of brands and a dining room with a daily buffet.

So Many Menus, So Little Time

281116_roseate1Roseate House {by which we mean their main restaurant, DEL} has a total of five menus for different times of the day: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Between Hours and After Hours.

We’ve sampled their lunch and it’s a pretty lavish affair. It all starts with an amuse bouche- a bite sized portion of watermelon with goat cheese followed by a la carte options. Our favourites among these were the Lamb Shanks Gucchi Pulao, the Quinoa Biryani {yes, this exists} and a prawn dish called Yin Yang with a nori cracker.

If you like your seafood on the rarer side, the Tuna Nicoise with the quail egg might be worth a try. End your meal with the After Dark: A waffle-like crispy chocolate dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Setting The Bar

Although they serve all the beverages at DEL itself, if drinking’s all that’s on your agenda, step into the Peacock-embellished Chidiyaghar Bar. A classy space, it overlooks the pool making for a pretty great place to unwind at.

So, We’re Saying…

DEL is a great place for lunch, so long as you have at least two hours to spare. Else, a quick bite at Chidiyaghar along with a scotch in hand should be ideal for a quick lunch or business meeting.

Photos: Sarang Gupta/LBB