By Namrata Juneja

Most fashion and design today consists of fast and mass produced products. The idea is to reach as many people possible out there and provide an aesthetic in keeping with our fast-paced lifestyles. However, even caught in the torrent that is daily life, we all dream of lazy, languid days, where living is easy {whether or not it is summertime} and days are filled with quality, as opposed to quantity. Enter The Summer House.

They’ve been around for a while, but turned their focus primarily to clothing only recently, before which they were providing homeware to well-reputed brands such as Fabindia and TOAST. Their vision has been and remains simple – rediscovering and retaining purity. Their designs are minimal, with clean silhouettes and pure fabrics that range from the humble cotton to the opulent silk. The clothes are elegant {think silk vests and cleanly-tailored shirt dresses}, and epitomise an effortless sort of chic. In terms of homeware, all of the current products are crafted in the highest quality of wood, and in their next collection they’re looking to dabble in marble. The clothing does its bit for the environment as well; the brand uses water-based dyes and uses traditional techniques such as block printing.

The clothing collections consist of limited pieces, as they pay attention to the very last detail, keeping in mind consumers that are enthusiasts when it comes to good design, and above all, quality.

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The Summer House is everything you want from a brand – excellent quality and well constructed design, and it doesn’t pinch your pocket. They craft clean, minimal pieces in pure handwoven fabrics, harnessing the potential that the handicraft industry in our country harbours. They also do rich wooden homeware, and when you buy from them, the one thing you take home without a doubt, is quality.

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