The Untamed Maharani: Banarasi Ghunghat Hoodies at Mae

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Mae is a label by Jayeta Rohilla that keeps reinventing old styles, and approaches Indian traditions with a practical viewpoint. The newest in her repertoire is the Ghunghat Hoodie.

Warm and vivacious

The collection, which Jayeta Rohilla calls ‘The Untamed Maharani’, came about in an effort to keep comfortable and warm during winters, as well as be appropriate-wear for traditional occasions {aka all the weddings ever}. Accept it, it’s no fun wearing chunky sweaters with gorgeous, intricate lehengas.

Noticing a shawl-clad lady struggling with a baby, trying to make herself a cup of tea, inspired Jayeta to shut herself up in a room with six stunning Banarasi sarees and come up with the Ghunghat Hoodie.

Culture calls it cool

Nothing like anything we’ve seen before, these hoodies use ghungroos, sarees, fleece and wool. The vibrant nature of the clothing and the intricate work on the sarees make it very aptly festive. When it gets too chilly at an outdoor wedding, just pop on one of these, and you’re ready to wow the crowd.

Birthday bearers

As a special dedication to her family and team, each of the pieces are named after their birthdays. For instance, we are especially bowled over by the 08.89 and the 07.68. Each of the pieces are available in medium and large, in 11 different designs. They are shipping across the globe, but if you’re in Delhi, shipping is free for you.

Mae is launching a gift card soon, and we’re waiting with bated breath.

Where: Shop here and here.

Price: INR 5,800 – INR 10,000

Contact: +91 9818323889 {Jayeta Rohilla}

Check out their website here. Follow their Facebook page here.

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