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Balcony Makeover 101: 7 Cool Ways To Create A Cosy Outdoor Space

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Well maintained balconies are the lungs of the house. It is that one space at home that elevates our mood instantly after a long taxing day of work and chores. Now, it only makes sense that you do your balconies and terraces up like all the other rooms in your house. While there are people who have beautifully established their outdoor spaces, if you're someone who is looking to revamp that space and jazz it up a bit, we would love to help you with some ideas.

Time to transform your terraces/balconies and turn it onto the most visited spaces in your cosy abode. Let's get started. 

Add Some Greens


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Balconies are synonymous with plants. Since we don't live in a majestic mansion built in the midst of a densely forested area with tall beautiful trees surrounding it (how we wish we did, though), we must incorporate some plant life in our city houses. You can get plenty of plants depending on the size of your space.

You can decorate the corners with tall plants like the Snake Plant, a couple of Palms, Philodendron and more. Get creative with the pots and planters too. Let the money plant climb over the railings of your balcony and just keep shifting their stems. What you need to mindful of is that some plants are colonizers (aloe-vera) and they keep growing in size, so you will have to shift them into bigger pots regularly, for the roots to grow. You don't have to necessarily bombard this space with plants, rather make sure you absolutely take care of the ones you buy. Don't have that kind of time to tend to plants? Here's a list of places you can get fake reals from! Also check out PolliNation and thank us later!

Watch this amazing video on how to set up a mini-garden in small balconies.

Light It Up

While spending the majority of your time soaking up the winter sun has a different (beautiful) kind of tranquillity attached to it, summers definitely call for a refreshing glass of G&T on your balconies in the evening. And that's precisely why you need some snug lighting in that space. Check out Glimmer Lightings. Add lights that are not too bright but just enough to see the silhouette of your plants. Amp it up with some string lights, yellow lights, garden lamps and more.

Grow Your Own Veggies

Nutrient Co

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Building your own mini vegetable garden can be extremely useful and there's nothing more satisfying and healthy than eating home-grown food. Nutrient Co, a Delhi-based brand offers affordable home kits and Nutritube planters you can use to grow your own veggies. Mint, tomato, lemon, brinjal, are few of the many fruits and vegetables that you can grow in your balconies. All you have to make sure of is that you provide them with enough water, sunlight and fertilizers. Besides, you'll get to experience the pure joy of watching these how these seeds germinate into tiny little vegetables. You can even get DIY microgreen grow kits from Tiny Acre.

Put them in DIY/make-shift pots so that it looks more organic. You can put these in beautiful Jute Planters in order to add to the aesthetics. 

Make Space For Some Furniture

House This

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Quirk it up a little and add some furniture in your balconies. Again, based on the space, you can accommodate a few pieces of furniture like a few outdoor chairs, a wooden table, corner tables and the likes. Since you're going to be spending some considerable amount of time there, we'd suggest you invest more on pieces you can sit on. Wrought iron furniture, in particular, looks absolutely splendid in the outdoor spaces. Add some tiny home decor items like a vintage ashtray, copper bowl or just anything that you wish to.

You need to check out brands like House ThisNicobar, Pine & Lime - they have an absolutely stunning collection of home decor. 

Of Swings And Hammocks


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Growing up with hammocks to relax on has to be one of our fondest memories of childhood. Balconies, terraces and other outdoor spaces in your house immediately make you want to relax and loosen up a little. And what better than doing so on a gorgeously built cane swing or a jute hammock from Hangit. The best part? You can conveniently remove them whenever you wish to.

Paint 'Em Red

Indian Yards

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Plants and flowers naturally add bright colours to these outdoor spaces but painting a portion of your balcony wall will only compliment it further. Summon that hidden artist in you and paint whatever you feel like. Tiny birds, stick figures, landscapes- it can be anything, not necessarily the likes of Picasso. If you want something more uniform, you can probably paint the entire wall with a single shade, one that will accentuate your space. Or better still, add botanical wall art to those outdoor walls.

Put up some wall hangings, wall plates or even photographs that maybe you've clicked over the years. 

Martini With A Twist?

Seedhi Jalebi

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Who wouldn't want a mini-bar in their balcony? It's tiring to go back and forth while getting a refill. Setting up a bar in your balconies is going to save this time and you can focus better on creating some great alcoholic concoctions. You can line up the slender bottles of wine, scotch and other drinks along with beautiful crystal decanters on a glass table.

For those of you who don't like beer bottles leaving circles of water and making the tables dirty, throw in some coasters. Check out Seedhi Jalebi for funky Bollywood coasters. They otherwise work as decorative pieces too. 


There are plenty of places where you can buy stunning garden accessories, both offline and online. A few of which are, Studio Earthbox, Lazy Gardener and more.

And if you're looking for some contemporary furniture for your terrace or garden, we have some amazing home decor e-stores and other recommendations that you can check here