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This Week at LBB | Exploring En Inde & Celebrating Diwali at NGO Ritinjali

Editors posted on 02 November

What the LBBD crew was up to, in the past week!

# 1 Hop in? | This week was spent on the road, mostly, hovering from one spot to the other. Given Diwali traffic, Delhi roads were a big fat mess. Good thing there's respite in moments like this!



# 2 There's something about En Inde | We make our way back to this store, over and over again; not just because they have an exquisite collection of clothes and jewelry, but the store just looks so damn good. The story behind the store, coming up on LBBD.



# 3 Let the Diwali feast begin | … well, sort of. One of us has had the misfortune of developing a random gluten intolerance. The upside? They're a bunch of thoughtful Delhiwaalas putting together the most delectable gluten free desserts, especially for the festive season. All details here.



# 4 Spreading the festive love | It's always the season to give back, spread the festive cheer, and be good. We supported NGO Ritinjali, and made a trip to their Kusumpur Pahari centre for a morning fiesta with the kids taught at the center. Join us the next time?



# 5 Yoga in the park | We joined the awesome folks at Seema Sondhi- The Yoga Studio for an evening session of yoga in a park, followed by dinner. Desis, Australians, Koreans, Americans- people from different cities and walks of life came together for this pre-Diwali celebration.



# 6 Making amends before gluttony kicks in |  Stepped out for lunch to Nourish Organics {Meherchand Market} for quinoa salad and cashew cream and tomato pizza. This is possibly the healthiest we've eaten all week.



# 7 Decor inspiration | We're moving HQ from our current set up in Jangpura to a destination unknown; Our mood board's getting a Pinterest treatment, filling up with ideas for what we can do in our next space. This installation at Sahiba Singh {SPJ} is most definitely inspiring!



# 8 Sweets from Orissa | One of our grandfathers picked up a stash of Khaja from a trip to Orissa! This delectable local dessert is binge-worthy, and it helps that we have this guide to tell us all about sweets from the region.



# 9 Homeland+Popcorn=Best Study Break | Our lovely interns are prepping for their DU exams. A respite from all the textbook madness? Homeland and Popcorn!



# 10 Late night filter coffee | Had the best Friday night, which ended in the best possible way- a steaming cup of filter coffee at one of our favourite spots for South Indian in town, Chidambaram/New Madras Hotel in Khanna Market.



Have a lovely weekend. Happy Diwali!