When your job is to discover the best of what’s in town, scout for new and interesting spaces, and rediscover old sights and haunts, life’s a little more than just exciting. Here’s what we’ve been upto!

# 1 | Gearing up for Durga Pujo, and all the festivities | With the help of some kesar and lemon shondesh from Annapurna in Yusuf Sarai.



# 2 | Cold coffee, cameras and conversations at a cafe in Khan Market | LBBD’s Suchita & Ankur {not pictured} conceptualizing and ideating for LBBD T.V. They’re bringing you a Delhiwaala story soon!



# 3 | Meet Mr. M.D. Yadav | He’s the happiest person we’ve met in Delhi, and his story’s coming soon on your one-stop curated cultural guide to Delhi. If you haven’t met him yet, make your way to Amici in Khan Market.



# 4 | Observers set against an exhibit titled ‘Safe Playground’ | We just can’t get enough of Delhi Photo Fest 2013. This was taken on a Tuesday evening; It was heartening to see how our city has welcomed a photo fest – the alley’s of IHC were filled with revelers!



# 5 | En route around town, this wall art was spotted outside Hauz Khas Enclave | Seen the colourful murals in Hauz Khas Village, outside Hauz Khas Enclave, and opposite Agarsen ki Baoli? We recently found out that it isn’t grafitti, it’s public art. More about this project, coming soon!



# 6 | Photographed opposite Buddha Jayanti Park | A long run through Nehru Park warrants fresh nariyal paani. With winter coming up, these roadside stalls will be closed till summer beckons once again.



# 7 | We’re always in character! Planning our next workshop in the outdoors – pretty excited about this one – over coffee at Chez Nini. Little Black Book meets the Notebook.



# 8 | New healthy product obsession – Missisippy | Our pantry’s soon going to be stocked with figs and cashew cookies, muesli and milk, and their chips {not pictured}. Available at Godrej Nature’s Basket.



# 9 | This made our Thursday evening! | Printed postcards from LBBD’s Postcard Project II arrived, and they look spectacular, even if we do say so ourselves. Can’t wait to give them to our readers.



# 10 | If you haven’t heard of Kriti Monga, you haven’t heard of Kriti Monga | And you’re missing out on Facebook stalking one of the most gifted illustrators we’ve come across. Photographed at Smokehouse Deli, Khan Market, this is her wall illustration for Floyd’s ‘Wish you were here’. Need another reason? Click here.



What were you upto this past week? Tell us by dropping an email with the subject as ‘I Suck at Being Boring’ on editors@lbbnew.wpengine.com.