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Go Here, Try This: What To Do When In Gurgaon

Maanya posted on 27 May

Gurgaon’s evolution from concrete jungle to friendly neighbourhood has been amazing. Restaurants that serve beautiful food, thousands of malls to cater to the needs of your inner shopaholic and dozens of entertainment options—the city has expanded to accommodate all of it. Bookmark this checklist of things to do in Gurgaon for the next time you feel like you’re out of options; you’re not!

Food Truck Trail

A great concept, food trucks are now parked all over Gurgaon. A dim sum craving that just won’t go away? Check out Drifter’s Cafe in Sector 29. If you’re seeking out some delicious desi khaana, drive to Street Foods by Punjab Grill and order their Mumbai Vada Pav. They’re usually parked in Udyog Vihar.

EGGjactly has quickly become Gurgaon’s go-to food truck, too, and you’re missing out if you haven’t tried their Messy Lamb Burger yet. Food for every mood {sushi, panckaes or even popsicles!}, there’s lots of speedy options in your hood to explore.

#LBBTip: Sector 29 should be your first stop on this food truck trail.

Take A Class

Ace the summer hobby game and take a class already! Sign up for a Fitness First class to keep your health and wellness in check, and then proceeding to whip up a well-deserved reward at a baking class close to you. If you’re more interested in the performing arts, enroll at one of the many dance academies and music schools in Gurgaon.

Head To CyberHub

And gorge on all the food your heart desires. With a multitude of big and small eateries, it’s no wonder that CyberHub is always bustling with happy people. Sodabottleopenerwala is a no-brainer for their quirky take on authentic Parsi food. The great thing about CyberHub is that it’s a one-stop solution to having a great time. Drinks? Covered. Food? There’s lots to choose from. Dessert? Always!


F9 Go Karting offers a completely authentic and safe racing experience with a track to accommodate all your friends, a strict adherence to safety practices and a bill that won’t hurt the pocket. For large groups, booking a one-hour slot with four race karts is highly recommended. Get ready to squeeze yourself into one of their well-designed karts and knock your competition out of the way.

Price: INR 250 for 7 laps, INR 350 for 10 laps, INR 500 for 16 laps

Celebrate Raahgiri Day

Raahgiri Day is an initiative to take back the streets of Gurgaon, encouraging a healthier way of living and promote sustainability for a greener future. Every Sunday, the major roads are blocked off to cars and handed back to the people. You can spend the morning participating in well-organised, group Zumba or yoga classes. If a leisurely walk is more your pace, there’s plenty of room for that, too. You can also rent cycles from HUDA City Centre metro station and do your bit to minimise air pollution.

Get Boozy At The Breweries

Gurgaon set the microbrewery ball rolling and is still at the top of the beer game in Delhi/NCR. Light or dark, beer connoisseur or not, you’ll definitely find a brew that makes you happy. Some of our favourite microbreweries to hit up after a long day at work, or with a large group of your drinking buddies, are Walking Street by Soi7 , Manhattan Craft Brewery, and 7 degree Brauhaus. Feel free to explore other options here.