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This CP Bar's Hosting A Month-Long Festival With LIITs Starting At INR 99!

Nitya posted on 10 July

1 Jul 2018 - 1 Aug 2018

1 Jul 11:22 AM - 1 Aug 11:22 AM

What's Happening

Informal Janpath's giving the LIIT its due by hosting a month-long 'Let's Get LIIT Festival'. As part of this fest, you can order LIITs for the low, low price of INR 99, 199 and 299 (depending on the glass sizes). While we're already excited about the fact that this festival will go on for at least a month (woot woot), you've got more reasons to rejoice too. One of them being the variety of LIITs on offer.

How's The Venue

Informal's not like your (mostly) shady CP bars. It's got a lovely terrace with fairy lights, lots of green and they usually have live music too. Plus, since it's centrally located, getting the gang to meet here for drinks shouldn't be an issue either. 

Price Includes

For INR 99, 199 and INR 299 (different bong sizes), the folks at Informal are offering six different types of LIIITs—  the LIIT Rojo, The Granny Smith-infused LIIT, LIIT Horse's Neck, Nude Beach LIIT, Dead Pansies LIIT and the Smokey Paan & Grapes LIIT. Our favourite of the lot? The Nude Beach LIIT with triple sec, English gin, Bacardi, vodka and tonic water (sounds every bit like a good time, no?). 

Make A Note

Considering that they're also screening the World Cup matches (even better!), be sure to book in advance. Price: Starting at INR 99 + taxes (approx INR 137 for an INR 99 LIIT). Book here. 

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52, Tolstoy Lane, Janpath, New Delhi

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1 Jul 2018 - 1 Aug 2018

1 Jul 11:22 AM - 1 Aug 11:22 AM