This Brand’s Diwali Campaign Got Gurgaon Smiling All Weekend!

    Aditi posted on 13 November

    With the entire city packed with lights, love, mouth-watering food and a whole lot of celebrations, ENO decided to get on the joy bandwagon and how! The brand believed in the simple notion that nothing, not even acidity, should come in the way of enjoying Diwali festivities, umpteen varieties of sweets and all kinds of festive dishes. Keeping this in mind, ENO activated a first of its kind outdoor installation at Cyber Hub Gurgaon, a weekend before Diwali, from Nov 2-4.

    Awesome, How Did It Work?

    The machine worked on a face-detection system where the camera would switch on as soon as you stand in front of it however it would show a blurred image. This was done to depict that sometimes you lose your Diwali vibes because of acidity.
    As soon as one would say ENOjoy, the machine would recognize the command and display a clear image of anyone standing in front. Not just that, as soon as the image became clear, the machine dispensed a very special Diwali hamper!

    So, We're Saying...

    This uber cool activation saw a huge footfall, where people lined up with their family and friends to say ENOjoy and collect special Diwali hampers!

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