The alternative village is always full of surprises. This time around, it was Hearken Cafe, a new deaf-run cafe-cum-co-working-space that called out to us.

We hopped over to check it out and were pleased with everything – the initiative itself, the cosy setting, the food, music reminiscent of a beach shack and teal-coloured corners.

Full Marks For Inclusion

Hearken is perched right on top of Puppychino. So you climb up the steps, passing noisy, cuddly doggies on the way. But soon as you enter Hearken, it’s a different world.

The ever-so-friendly staff communicates through sign language and there’s a certain ease that envelopes this cafe with its exposed white walls and bursts of colour and drama.

Learn A New Language


One of the founders/owners, Smriti Nagpal, tells us that she intends this space to be a place to be a venue for informal meets where people can come, meet, eat, work and even opt to learn sign language from an expert who’ll be there at all times.

Her partner, who has years of experience in hospitality, has been behind the fusion menu of which we enjoyed the mushroom galouti sliders and kiwi smoothie.

Up, Up & Away

As if this piece of goodness wasn’t enough, their open-air terrace will be open soon. There’ll be gigs in winter, couches to laze around on, fairy lights and a special cubbyhole for romantic evenings complete with candle light dinners. We’ll update you when this space is running in full swing.

Photos: Vaibhav Sharma