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This Video Celebrates the Beautiful Diversity of Indian Women

Kasturi posted on 04 March

When Jayeta Rohilla {of Mae fame} moved back to India from Sweden, it was absolutely eye-opening for her. Nowhere else had she seen women with such immense confidence. “Maybe not all women, but a majority of women look into the mirror here and say they are the bomb,” she tells LBB.

She found it to be a refreshing change from the ‘beautiful and fashionable’ women in Sweden who were constantly trying to achieve a model-like beauty by trying to starve themselves.

“Women here like themselves; they have the hots for themselves,” she continues. “And this video is a tribute to them! To the diversity, to the generations after generations of evolution of our theories, to desire, there is so much here to celebrate.” There are 18 looks in total in the vid.

The video tries to encapsulate how we are constantly reading expressions and language. How a movement of the eyes or hands mean something and have been passed on through the generations, and how these are qualities we should treasure.

The inspiration is the beauty of Indian women and heritage in all its forms, and it took the duo Jayeta Rohilla and Chetana Kotak four days to shoot the whole thing, post conceptualisation.

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