As scouters of all things new, we couldn’t have skipped the Burger King launch, but not before we kicked it old school at Wimpy. From wanting to adopt puppies and the entire Pero collection at Ogaan, to a serious leather crush on Rara Avis’ new collection, and sipping on local chai, here’s our week as LBB women.

LBB Articles_This week at LBB-13

All Hail the King | Or so they thought would happen. Efficient service, and long lines with no beef at the end of it. Definitely still warrants a visit. Welcome to India, Burger King, we hope H and M is on the next flight.

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Puppy Parade | We’re considering making them our office boys. If they look like that, we don’t mind doing all the work ourselves.

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Little Black Book Edition Deux | Stalking Sonam Kapoor to find out she has the exact same interests as us. Now if only we could borrow her clothes.


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The Silver Lining | Have you checked out the Ogaan exhibit celebrating 25 years of fashion? Pictured here, the denim collection by Pero.


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Chaing New Blends | We skipped the organic entourage, and asked our local chaiwala to deliver instead. Nothing like some good ol masala chai and sweet buns to go.


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Bean Here Done That | The perfect after snack for nights at Summer House is the bean burger at Wimpy. Also available, mighty fine pizzas.

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A Leather Lookbook | Check out this oversized, brushed cotton shirt with leather pocket detailing. Although pricey, Rara Avis has some show stopping pieces for the winter.


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Mr Saxobeat | Serenading us in the hallways of Ogaan!


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Some Kind of Wedding Wonderful | We were beginning to think we got left out of all the weddings, but looks like we finally made it to one. Yes, we made it to the Sangeet as well.