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This Week at LBB | Celebrating #Iconicdelhi

Editors posted on 13th September

By Editors

For those out of the loop, LBB partnered with Poster Gully to celebrate Delhi, and all things iconic about it. The contest itself was easy breezy; all you had to do was send in an image {graphic, painting, photo, clip art} capturing what you thought made Delhi Iconic. The winner won himself merchandise with his image on it, courtesy Poster Gully. Although we already picked a winner, {check him out, here}, the entries were stunning, and just as we hoped, captured the Capital from different points of view, all celebrating its beauty and breathtaking architecture, a lot of which gets hidden behind too much traffic. Here's a special shout out to those who took the time out to capture their #iconicdelhi. LBB presents This Week {and most others}, around the city.

A Secular City |


Viivek Pant captures an aerial view of the Jama Masjid, located in Dilli 6.

Behind Every Successful City |


There are women. Quoting entrant Ujjawal Jain "When a woman speaks, listen! This photograph was captured from the streets of Hauz Khas Village. Most of these Indian women can't express their feelings. Whatever they want to say, what they want to have, how they want to live - they are not allowed. They get very less freedom in the world they live in. Beloved family, husband, father, brothers, even her own mother and in-laws won't listen to her opinions and the decisions she makes. She is a mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend and more. So when a woman speaks, never tell her to shut up." Hear Hear!

Delhi Gets Graphic |


"Food, chaos, festivals, men, heat, arrogance, monuments, home. You can find everything in Delhi, except… a beach. Can we have that, please?" We're big fans of Ranjana Sengupta's handmade graphic.

Life in the Delhi Metro |


Gaurang Bhatt perfectly captures the Metro's myriad travellers. In his words "Line of a life depends definitely on the Delhi Metro. From students to corporates, kids to old people, males to females - everyone is dependent on it. So Delhi metro is the biggest iconic thing for Delhi these days."

Connaught Place's Cuties |


Shashwat Baxi captures an iconic Delhi moment; an Indian mixed dog feeding her litter, smack in the middle of CP.

Flashing Lights |


"Nothing describes Delhi better than the psychedelic streets of Paharganj. With its neon hotel lights and a suspicious environment, you will feel the thrill." We're still obsessing over Kartik Anand's aerial shot of Paharganj.

The Road Most Travelled |


If you're from Delhi, chances are you've done this drive. Sandeep Kumar agrees, and photographs.

1, 2 Step |


We tend to forget or take for granted rich heritage sites in the middle of the Capital. Pictured here, Agrasen ki Baoli, located in Connaught Place.

Graffiti with Gandhi |


Taken from a rooftop cafe in Paharganj, what's a celebration of Delhi without a guest appearance by the Father of the Nation.

Metro Moments |


Quoting Tridip Borah "Because now and again there is something so quaint about the ordinary especially the New Delhi Metro on any given day. And this is to remind us that photography is not about being a prisoner to the fancy DSLR cameras (not that it’s not good to have one) but it’s about seizing that perfect moment and that is always possible from your mobile phone. I know you agree with me!" I think we do.