May we just start by saying, god bless the weather gods. We know your hair must look like Medusa’s, but between being a frizz ball and having a film of sweat on our faces, we vote frizz. We’re psyched for our CP Treasure Hunt today, and since we spent the major part of our week in CP, we checked out the Rajiv Gandhi Handicrafts Bhawan, and got a sneak peek of the brand new Monkey Bar! In spirit of Press Privileges, we got a special delivery from The Wishing Chair and Royce Chocolates. As for internal presses; brand new customised notebooks. To fill in the lulls between all the activity, we paid Mexitup a second visit, and Ivy and Bean a 4000th.

Wish Upon a Present |

Wishing-chair-300x224 This Week at LBB | Our Delhi Diaries
The Wishing Chair celebrated their second birthday, and sent US  a present instead! Also, for everyone else who likes deliveries, lucky for you, they’ve started delivering.

Delhi in Full Bloom |

Delhi-in-Ful-Bloom-300x296 This Week at LBB | Our Delhi Diaries

We’ve been chanting sun sun go away, come again another day. Looks like someone heard our fervent praying.

Little Black Books |

Little-Black-Books-300x300 This Week at LBB | Our Delhi Diaries
The LBB crew gets customised note books; taking our brand very seriously.

Spot the Monkey |

Hungry-Monkey-225x300 This Week at LBB | Our Delhi Diaries
Stay tuned for Monkey Bar’s newest outlet, different to the first, but just as great. You should know exactly where by early this week, and you can count on us to tell you!

Getting Crafty |

Rajiv-Gnadhi-298x300 This Week at LBB | Our Delhi Diaries
Stopped over at Rajiv Gandhi Handicraft Bhawan, on Baba Kharak Singh Marg, to ogle at their in-house stores stocking handicrafts, books and paper products.

Mexican Pun |

Mexitup-225x300 This Week at LBB | Our Delhi Diaries
We laughed out loud at the Mexican inspired signage on the walls of Mexitup in GK 1. Must try: The Burrito Bowl and the Chocolate Brownie.

Not to Diet For |

Royce-Choclates-225x300 This Week at LBB | Our Delhi Diaries
They weren’t on our pillows, but they were on our work desks, which wins. Japanese Royce Chocolates are going to launch in Delhi soon, stay tuned!

Making Hay while the Sun Doesn’t Shine |

Ivy-and-Bean-225x300 This Week at LBB | Our Delhi Diaries
Shifting HQ’s for a day to our second home Ivy and Bean, so we could enjoy the weather on their balcony. We’re still recommending their cold coffee and Chili Jam Chicken Sandwiches.

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