It’s been great to be a publication this week. Thanks to all our favourite bakers, coffee makers and stores, it’s been hard work to focus on anything but trying to stay away from all the endless dessert in office. We didn’t manage. But we did manage work. Let’s talk about that at a later point, for now, our 7 days of pre-Diwali, Diwali and post-Diwali.

All Things Yummy |

All Things yummy

Check out this basket full of cupcakes, courtesy All Things Yummy. Safe to say it slowly transitioned to all things finished.

Bringing Laxmi Home |

Hot Laxmi cards from Neon Planes

We wish this was a gambling reference, but we had no luck there. Instead, check out these amazing Diwali cards from Neon Planes. Find out more, here. 

A Box full of Sucreness |

Diwali Goodies from Sucre!

Couldn’t be happier that our favourite Gurgaon Patisserie thought of us this season. We cannot say this enough, no one does desserts like them. PS: Their brownies are everything. Get yourself a batch, here. 

With Compliments Coffee |

Kaffa Cerrado goodies

Kaffa Cerrado sent over the ultimate Diwali goody bag. Our very own bags of beans and a coffee maker. You’re invited. But there’s no brownies left. Get your own dose, here. 

As long as we’ve got our Suit and Churidaar |

Shopping at Good Earth

Getting ready for a big Diwali and buying an outfit to match our spirit, at Good Earth, Khan Market.

A Special Place called Anita Dongre |

Anita Dongre

Taking in the splendour that is Anita Dongre’s new flagship Delhi Store at DLF Emporio. Since everything takes 6 weeks to make, these outfits will have to wait till next year.

Tea Series | 

Diwali goodies from Anandini Teas

We got the coffee, how could the tea stay far behind. Check out the amazing new collection, courtesy Anandini HimalayaTea Boutique.

Healthy Holdiays |

This is a health foodies MUST buy- shakkar from I Say Organic

At least one of us got a hold of herself, and binged on organic food from I Say Organic instead. If you saw us, you’d know which one made this wise decision.

Friday Night Lights |

Party at monkey bar!

We don’t waste any time bouncing back, and now we’re ready for the next party of the season. Next friday, Halloween, we’ll see you at Monkey Bar.

A big thank you to everyone who sent massive Diwali love; LBB wishes you a great year ahead!

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