What else says holidays like dessert, alcohol and at least 2 more kilos. And we most definitely got that memo. From Sangria Nights at Wine Company, Pork Chops at Artusi, custom made pancakes {there is such a thing} at The Brown Box, an entirely new kind of six pack to cocktails with Cointreau, brunch at The Claridges, and surprise toffees to make the season that much jollier, here’s our 12 days of Christmas. Okay, 7.

Sangria nights

A Spanish Influence | Knocking back the Sangria at the Wine Company. It’s all so dashing through the cold, isn’t as painful as it is sober.


Cointreauversial Cocktails | The Mystery Box Challenge at the Cointreau Event, Whiskey Sour with a Twist – called Cointreau Affair. We had both. The drink and the affair.


A 6 Pack | We wish. Making the rounds of this amazing season’s greeting courtesy Dunkin Donuts.


A Christmas Surprise | The Brown Box custom made us some pancakes, and may we just say, Amen.


A Tall Order | Brunch in the lawns of the Claridges hotel, while we marvel at the giant tree smack in the middle. Those gifts are fake. We’re telling you first hand.


Pork Stars | Making every food group proud, and taking a picture of our food before we eat it. Featured here: the Pork Chops at Artusi.  #foodcoma. Oh no we didn’t.


Carry a Melody | Kicking it seriously old school with them Melody sweets! Still as good, and chocolatey.


Regram | Okay, who can get enough of this.


New App to Tap | Tech kids, check out this spanking new app, Snacket, changing the way we order food. Because, you know nothing should or could stand in the way of that.