Since we spoke last, the food took a backseat {about time}, save for the amazing burgers we learnt over at Grub Club at Hungry Monkey, and if you include LBB representing at NRAI as food, then I guess we’re guilty. We went around town this week, caught a stunning view of the Lotus Temple {over food at China Kitchen}, and enjoyed the art and craft at Anandgram and WIP store Zikwa. Popped in for paan outside Claridges, got a healthy Pita Pocket at Pita Pit, and celebrated one of our crew member’s star and staying power. Although a busy week, it ends on perhaps our highest note yet, MY FAIR DELHI, at Select Citywalk. 30 stores, 2 days, lots of surprises… we cannot wait, and hope you’ll join us, as we plan to savour, splurge and celebrate!

Handy Crafts |

Anandgram This Week at LBB | Our Fair Delhi

We discovered what the Anandgram board on MG Road really is – a deceptively giant space built to cultivate and preserve arts and handicrafts. It also features an artist residency, so artisans have space to hone their skill. Stay tuned for more details!

What’s in Store |

Zikwa This Week at LBB | Our Fair Delhi

We have the privilege of being their neighbours, so we’ve been watching them as they build. Pictured here is brand new store Zikwa, in its last stages of completion. More on that, soon!

Pitting Against the Others |

Pita-Pt-SCW This Week at LBB | Our Fair Delhi

Pita Pit in Select Citywalk is winning. Unless our overworked souls couldn’t tell the difference. Come to Select Citywalk and find out, and while you’re there, perhaps a little My Fair Delhi?

You can Sit With us |

Grub-club This Week at LBB | Our Fair Delhi

Learning the burger making ropes at our Grub Club at Hungry Monkey. Our buns bring all the boys to the yard, and yours could have been better than ours, if you had come. There’s always next time.

LBB Represent |

NRAI-Talk This Week at LBB | Our Fair Delhi

Seated on the panel of National Restaurant Association of India’s latest discussion.

Scenes from The Sky |

Lotus-Temple This Week at LBB | Our Fair Delhi

Check out the stunning view from China Kitchen in Nehru Place. And you thought not much could make an all you can eat Dimsum Sunday better.

Paan Delhi | 

Pandit-Pan This Week at LBB | Our Fair Delhi

LBB Tip: if you ever make the drive to Claridges for a little after hours paan fix and find the stall deserted, don’t leave. If you stop and pull down your window, the paan specialists magically appear and make it happen.

Let them Eat Cake |

The-brown-box This Week at LBB | Our Fair Delhi

Thanks Marie Antoinette, but we just put the minions on top of our cake instead. Seen here, the amazing creation courtesy The Brown Box.

Follow the Yellow Sign Board |

My-Fair-Delhi This Week at LBB | Our Fair Delhi

We’re pumped, prepped and pretty excited. See you Dilli and Gurgaonwaalas at LBB and Select Citywalk’s My Fair Delhi. Get all the dope, here. 


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