Post Diwali blues, and back to work blues. All cured by a week of desserts, drinks and spa treatments. As for what we had to work for, a divine Swedish massage at one of the best spas in the city, trying one too many flavours at the newly opened Natural, extending the dessert repertoire to Hokey Pokey, and finishing the dessert binge with Carrot Cake at Amreli. As for what came to us, Halloween samples from Sweetmoon Bakeshop, scented shoes from Scentra, and a goodie bag of products, all handmade with love. Welcome to seven days of sugar.

Our Two Scents |


Look what came in the mail! Super comfortable shoes from Scentra, and the strawberry aroma just make them all the better. Stay tuned for everything we have to say.

Drip the Pressure |

Drip Social

Enjoying the packaging at Social, Hauz Khas Village. Pictured here, the Drip Drink.

A Swedish Sunday |


Getting over Diwali and its drama at one of the best spas in the city {and G Town}. Levo at Hotel Ibis makes our Little Black Book of best services.

Just another Fattening Sundae |

Hokey Pokey

Not like the drink at Social was enough, we needed more sugar, and no one does it quite like Hokey Pokey.

But Naturally |


Natural Ice Cream warranted a visit, and we obliged. Don’t go home without trying the Coconut, Mango and Malai. But we feel like we could say that about at least six more flavours. Just go. GK-2.

Carrot Tops | 

Carrot Cake

Sampled the Carrot Cake at Amreli in Hotel Diplomat. Although the service leaves much to be desired, the cake almost made up for it.

Homemade With Love |

Handmade with Love

Look what else came in the mail! Products made at home, totally chemical and preservative free. This box had an awesome chocolate shake, natural body scrub, honey lip balm, and some paan khajoor. Full review coming up so soon!

Throwback Thursday |

Ansal Plaza

Taking in the amphi theatre at Ansal Plaza. PS: They still have one of the best authorised Apple stores in the city.

Spooky Sweets |

Sweet Moon

If you came to Monkey Bar last night, you know Sweetmoon Bakeshop hit these halloween desserts out of the park! Pictured here, a sample box devoured by the entire crew. Add them to your bakers list, find out more here.