Although it was the end of last week, it was a great start to what’s to come for LBB. Yay My Fair Delhi! As for the rest of the week, we visited En for a Sushi sampler, got lucky with a customised cake from Sucre, and kick started Durgo Pooja in CR Park. After the first few days of food, we played demo models to test Ekaya saris, complete with war paint, got a sneak peak of Urvashi Kaur’s newest collection, paired all the clothes in our head with etre bags, and finished the week with a Ram Leela special in Chandni Chowk. What exciting lives.

Their Fair Parking |

Parking-2-225x300 This Week at LBB | We Fared, Delhi!

Big moment for team LBB. Seeing ourselves all over Select Citywalk!

A Bengali Binge |

2014-10-03-07.18.53-1-300x224 This Week at LBB | We Fared, Delhi!

Any excuse to eat them desserts. This one is more legit than the rest though; in honour of Durgo Pooja, knocking back the Sandesh.

Colours Blocked |

Etre-2-300x224 This Week at LBB | We Fared, Delhi!

Major accessory crush on Etre’s line of clutches. Shop them here. 

Behind the Fashion File |

Urvashi-Kaur-225x300 This Week at LBB | We Fared, Delhi!

Managed to get a sneak peak of designer Urvashi Kaur’s newest Spring/Summer ’15 collection titled Ziran. She’s showing on the 11th at WIFW ladies, if you like what you see.

A Spoonful of Sucre |

Sucre-cake-2-300x300 This Week at LBB | We Fared, Delhi!

Can make a Birthday Party go round. We were very impressed with detailing on the minions. Click here, to get one of your own. Cake, that is.

Sushi Sojourns |

EN-SUSHI-2-225x300 This Week at LBB | We Fared, Delhi!

Tried out Mehrauli’s well-kept secret, En’s stellar Sushi menu. This was en route, we forgot to take a picture of the real place, since Sushi came to our table.

Burn After Seeing |

Ram-Leela-300x224 This Week at LBB | We Fared, Delhi!

Watching Ravaan go down at the famous Ram Leela in Chandni Chowk.

It’s a Wrap! |

Ekaya-event-2-225x300 This Week at LBB | We Fared, Delhi!

Playing clothes horse and make-up testee for our upcoming event with Ekaya. An afternoon with Ekaya’s curated Banarasi selection of saris, professional make-up, and stunning jewellery from Nimai. Get the whole six yards here. 

We Fared, Delhi! |

My-Fair-Delhi-2-225x300 This Week at LBB | We Fared, Delhi!

30 Stalls, 15,000 people, live performances, and a whole lot of adrenalin later, big LBB shout out to everyone that made it happen! See you at the next one.

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