Find Antiques & Utensils At This Copper Shop Run By A 90-Year Old Tibetan Lady

    Connaught Place, Delhi


    Tucked between the shops at Janpath’s Tibetan Market is the Doma Shop, a store that stocks gorgeous copper and brassware antiques, some of which were made or used in Tibet. What’s even more special about this store is that it’s more than 50 years old and has been around “since the time of the Britishers” says the 90-year old Tibetan lady who runs the place.

    Care For Some Copper?

    We’ve been to Janpath’s Tibetan Market numerous times but never realised that there was gem tucked between the shops that was so rich with history, full to the brim with beautiful antiques and preserves its old world charm to this day. While the board on the shop might be new {just like all the store in the market}, it’s got items that have survived a few decades easily and is run by Doma aunty who has lived longer in this city than most of us {almost 70 years}. Doma aunty is the sassiest lady we’ve met in a long, long while. She’s chatty, likes posing for pictures and tells us that young people tire her {partly the reason why we like her}. In between meticulously adjusting things around the shop, which by the way can accommodate only four to five people at a time, and making fun of our Hindi {yes, we got schooled by an old Tibetan lady}, Doma aunty informed us that she has been selling copperware in the area since the time when there weren’t any sturdy shops in the market and she sat on the footpath selling all her Tibetan decor and kitchenware items. Today, at her shop which is the oldest in the Tibetan market, you’ll find brass utensils, storage chests, prayer beads, jade and emerald stones, traditional wall hangings, all of which have exquisite traditional carvings on them and some out of which are even sourced from Tibet. If you’re a collector, you’ll find quite a few items here that can add value to your collection and to your house.

    So, We're Saying..

    In case you’re planning on redecorating or know someone who loves antiques, this shop could offer plenty of options. Plus, there’s just something about shop no. 12 and Doma aunty that you’ll go back home thinking about. Price: Starting at INR 500 {prayer beads}
      Connaught Place, Delhi