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Time To Take A Healthier Coffee Break At Work With Saffola FITTIFY!

    Saffola Fittify

    Our coffee breaks at work are extremely precious to us when we re-energise ourselves and catch up with the outside world. Why not make this special moment even better by making it healthier? Saffola FITTIFY is here to take you on the road to good health with their range of Green Coffees.

    Healthy Life, One Sip At A Time

    In the constant fear of being late to work amongst the morning hustle, it’s a miracle we make it to the office on time, let alone make a healthy drink and have a proper breakfast. Saffola FITTIFY understands the struggle all too well. Their new range of Green Coffees is not just for your quick morning fix but also to get through your day!

    What is Green Coffee

    A health booster high in antioxidants that aids in weight management. Unlike regular coffee, Green coffee is NOT ROASTED and hence has upto 3X more Antioxidant power which is otherwise lost in the roasting process. It is known to help manage weight & regulates metabolism amongst others. 

    Curated by renowned MasterChef Kunal Kapur using hand picked ingredients, this latest take on healthy beverages by Saffola FITTIFY is a quick skip and hop to good health! If you’re anything like us and are too busy hustling in the morning, this range of Green Coffees are probably going to be your go-to-companion. This unique beverage is available in a total of FIVE flavours including Classic Strong (for those who like to have a strong cuppa), Classic, Lemon Mint, Ginger Basil  and Lemongrass Lavender. Switch to this healthier(and yummy) beverage! Not to mention, it’s extremely easy to make and carry leaving no room for excuses. 

    So We’re Saying..

    Apart from being healthy, their myriad of flavours adds great taste to your palate! As the saying goes, ‘a healthy body is a healthy mind’. Get the best of this beverages from Saffola FITTIFY and show everyone that good health starts from a single sip!

      Saffola Fittify