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    Less Than INR 10k! Yes, That's How Much It Will Cost For A Weekend Trip To Tirupati

    Priya posted on 17 November

    Small trips that help you escape reality {even for a couple of days} are always welcome. And, when these trips come with the promise of serene outdoors, divine intervention and easy-on-the-pocket prices, would you ever consider missing it out?

    We give you all things you need to plan a trip to Tirupati under a killer budget. Get ready to soak in all the blessings.

    Fly Away

    Let’s start with the basics. Flying to the not-so-popular areas in India can be difficult considering there are always connectivity issues. You know, you always have to get off at an airport and then drive down to your destination and literally nobody wants that.

    Travelling to Tirupati is not going to be like this, guys. We found ATRs, new aircraft introduced by IndiGo that will take you directly into the city, giving you more time to plan your itinerary. In fact, the new ATRs make travel to remote regional airports of India a lot more easier. But wait, there’s more. You can book tickets in advance and they are as low as INR 1499!

    Find the flights here.

    Feel At Home

    Hotel stays cost a bomb, don’t they? The best way to get a local experience out of your mini vacations is to look for homestays. You can find perfection for as less as INR 650 a night. Now that is what we call a steal. Don’t believe us? You can check absolutely any homestay website or just enter the city and seek housing. 

    Feed Your Soul

    A vegetarian spread of rasam, rice, sambar, veggies, and so much more on a simple banana leaf. This is what clean eating is all about. Tirupati is home to a lot of restaurants that serve amazing food for as less as INR 50. You can pig out absolutely anywhere and the food is so good that you won’t even feel guilty about it polishing it off. 

    Experience Beyond Tirupati

    There are so many things about this city that we would want you to experience. Start with the beautiful Silothoranam, a natural stone arch formation amidst all that green. Head to Chandragiri Fort in the evening for some beautiful lights or the various museums to understand the history and relevance of everything Tirupati. It is a weekend you are planning on so what would you do once you are done visiting Venkateshwara Temple?

    Visits to most of these places with local transport in a day, will not cost you more than INR 500 per person.

    So, We Are Saying…

    Round trip tickets on IndiGo start as low as INR 2,998 with direct flights from Hyderabad & Bengaluru and connecting ones from other major cities. Homestays as low as INR 1,500 for two nights, basic but delicious meals for two days coming to INR 1,000 at max, and keeping aside INR 2,000 for daily transportation… We’ve done the math for you. So, you will still be left with INR 3,000 for the other things your life.

    If Tirupati is not the place on the list for this weekend, IndiGo will start ATR services to various other destinations, so, keep an eye out for new routes. You should start planning right away with two long weekends coming up. Book your tickets here.

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