Going Through Rough Times? These 5 Therapists Can Help You Get By

Sunaina posted on 03 July

Mental health and wellness is a very important aspect of a functional lifestyle and being happy every day. We may encounter problems that emerge from stress in general and they might seep in and develop in to some unsolvable issues later in life.

That’s when we should seek help from professionals who can help us recognise these issues and help us get over them in due time. Here’s a list of five psychologists in the city you can head to for some counseling {these guys are all tried-and-tested}.

PS: The charges per session vary from case to case.

Dr Sujata Sharma

Dr Sujata Sharma is a practicing clinical psychologist in south Delhi. She works with young people and parents to help them overcome any stress-related issues they may be facing. She also has a number of programs on television {Doordarshan} focusing on mental health and well-being. If you’re having trouble managing your stress or are dealing with depression, you should definitely pay her a visit.

Contact: 011 26526243/26564955

Dr Reena Nath

Having some serious problems with your partner where you think things are beyond repair? Well, Dr. Reena Nath is the right person to go to. Apart from couple’s therapy, she’s also a family therapist and will help you try to resolve each and every problem you may face in a familial structure.

Contact: 011 41761717/29555320

Dr Gloria Burrett

She works with children, adolescents, families and adults and helps them deal with any crisis they might be going through. Apart from individual client work, she runs support group for parents who have children with special needs. She is presently in the board of trustees at the Rahi Foundation.

Contact: 011 42111111 {Sitaram Bharti Institute of Science and Research}

Dr Monika Sharma

Dr Monika is a counseling psychologist and a life coach. She focuses on issues such as low confidence, motivation building, mental health, work-life balance and cognitive behavior therapy. She forms an inter-personal relationship with her clients and follows up with them about their wellness every now and then.

Contact: 011 46052017


Sanjinvi is a voluntary non-profit organisation that has been addressing the mental health needs of our community. It provides free and confidential counseling for anyone who is going through mental or emotional distress. Why have we listed them here? More often than not, visiting a good psychologists makes a huge dent on your wallet. Sanjivini offers free counseling for anyone who wants help but can’t afford it {you’re encouraged to make a donation}. They have an excellent panel of psychologists who are ready to help anyone who seeks it.

Contact: 011 40769002/41092787/26864488