Top Things To Do For Under INR 50 In Gurgaon

It’s only when you accidentally leave your wallet at home that you realise how much is possible with how little. If you’re scrounging around your pockets and come up with 30…40… ah, a full 50 rupees, you’ll soon be faced with the annoying reminder that getting into anywhere from CyberHub to a good old mall will take a chunk of your newly found treasure only in parking fees.

Hmm, so what can you do in G-town when you’re strapped for cash? Pennies for our thoughts.

A Drink Of Naariyal Paani

Whether you’re on arterial roads like Pahaadi Road or the HUDA City Centre approach from Sector 56, or on any of the roads criss-crossing at right angles, you’ll always find a coconut water vendor. Always for INR 35. Fixed price.

Chaat At Arjun Market

Take a dusty spot in one of the open parking lots, free of charge. The chaat stand has recently increased their prices and decreased their quantities, which means that a plate of golgappas now has only five pieces, but comes in at a neat INR 40!

{This applies to all independent chaat stalls in neighbourhood markets, but we get the best window-shopping easily at Arjun Market.}

A Wander Through Aravalli Bio Diversity Park

With hundreds of species of trees, birds and bees {the botanical ones, we mean} it’s easy to forget that Bio Diversity Park is right between a buzzing Gurgaon and Delhi. Go for a run, or take a second to chill by a pond when you see one. Entry free.

A Picnic At Tau Devi Lal Park

While you can do this at any park technically, we’re picking Tau Devi Lal in Sector 52 because it’s spread over two acres, and those two acres are decently maintained. Grab a green spot for a picnic {cost of supplies is your own} or join the joggers. Entry is free.

Soak Up Some Art & Culture

Not that we’re suggesting we be freeloading dilettantes, and of course we’re genuinely interested in the arts. But some of the independent galleries of Gurgaon are great places to spend time, if not your money. Try Art Alive in Sector 44, or Peacock Gallery in Galleria.

Get Closer To The Epicentre

If you aren’t taking a vehicle past the security guards, entry is free! You’re sure to find some sign of action, either at the amphitheatre or in the gallery. If nothing else, drop by the café outside the theatre to catch some chatter.

Go To Old Gurgaon For Street Snacks

From samosas, to any other edible thing that looks respectable on the side of the road, Old Gurgaon i.e. the other side of the highway stays street savvy. Chhole bhature, anyone?

Browse Through Books At Quill & Canvas

The downside – you’ll have to pay INR 20 for parking if you’re in your car. But if you’re walking in, save that 20, add another 30 and get a rather impressive Americano from Bizibean on the lower ground floor before heading to Quill & Canvas to look through some art, and decide which book will next take your fancy.

Join A Club

For those with foresight and planning, and the knowledge that their wallets will be running dry, plan to join one of Gurgaon’s hobby clubs. Check them out here.

Other suggestions? We’re happy to hear them!