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    It’s A Dare: Would You Leave Your Phone Behind To Enjoy Camping & Hiking In Kumaon?

    Rene posted on 27 July

    What Is It?

    ToRoots is offering to take a people on a digital detox to Kumaon valley to experience the quintessential village life filled with farm visits, a Kumaoni cooking class, cycling trails, local rituals and a visit to Binsar sanctuary… All away from the world of technology.

    Planned for the Independence Day long weekend, it hopes to offer much-needed respite by letting city dwellers enjoy the small things that they can never find the time to appreciate otherwise. Everything from eating local produce to staying in a camp and chilling by waterfalls or exploring traditional handicrafts is geared towards an old school holiday that doesn’t rest on cellphone networks.

    Who Is It For?

    If you’re someone who’s had enough of that slow laptop, take a break. This, however, is what every tired, city dweller and corporate elf needs to unwind. Or not. Maybe you just need a spontaneous vacation where internet isn’t the only one you hang with. 

    Why Should I Go For It?

    You need a break from that demanding boss. You also need a break from routine.

    So, soak in the beauty of traditional Kumaoni homes, fruit orchards and wheat farms as you walk around without any clear destination in mind. There’s a special trip planned to the stone temples of Jageshwar and the Binsar sanctuary in case you’re wondering what you’re going to do for three full days. You’ll also go around Kumaoni villages and take a dip in the stream. Impromptu archery and kite-flying will also take care of those who are missing their phone and would rather sign up for something fun.

    In general, the trip is intended to bring out the essence of the village’s everyday life by the way of letting participants engage in cooking lessons, cultural tours, hiking, cycling, bonfire nights and farm visits. It’s literally your chance to have that Malgudi Days moment and we’d trade a starry sky for a lit-up phone with to-do tasks for every day of the week. One one of the afternoons, people will be taken to an NGO where they can sit around with craftsmen and make dolls or buy handicrafts to take home. 

    Anything Else?

    ToRoots is amazing in the way that 75% of the trip costs go to the community so you’re going to do some good even after you’re back from the village. 

    This 3 night, 4 day vacay will set you back by INR 10,500 inclusive of meals, accommodation and travel. If you’re going in a group of up to 10, it comes down to INR 9,900.

    Find more info here. You can choose between a homestay or the campsite and prices may vary for both. So, call them up for more clarity. 

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