A Train That Will Take You From Delhi To Jaipur In Just 90 Mins Is Currently Under Process

The Railway Ministry has signed an MoU {Memorandum of Understanding} with an Italian engineering company to carry out feasibility studies for a semi-high speed rail corridor between Delhi and Jaipur. If the trains between the two cities run at speeds up to 200 kmph, the travel time will be reduced significantly from four hours and 30 mins {at present} to under 90 minutes. Currently, the trains operate between Delhi and Jaipur at an average speed of 75 km/hour.

As per reports, an Additional Divisional Railway Manager from North West Railways will be responsible for the day-to-day communication of the progress on the feasibility studies. The Railway Ministry has also asked the Northern and North Western Railways to provide all support to the Italian company – FS-Italferr to make this project a success.

If this becomes a reality, won’t life just become so much easier for all you Jaipur folks and travellers? Start planning that Jaipur trip soon now.

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