Travel Tech Smart: 5 Cool Gadgets & Accessories You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without!

Tushar posted on 19 February

If you’re bubbling with excitement right now for your upcoming travel plans, you’re in for a treat. Here are five really cool travel accessories you might wanna get your hands on for a smooth vacay.

Gadget Pouch

As much as we’d like to run towards magical, wireless gadgetry, we do end up carrying a whole bunch of wires, especially when we’re travelling. Phone chargers, laptop chargers, earphones, camera chargers and the whole lot, and their tendency to get tangled up {or lost} is surprisingly high. Cable organisation is almost a skill at this point and this pouch makes it so much easier. Ready for a hassle free vacay?

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Universal Adapter

International vacay coming up? You might need this one. Since different countries have different kinds of sockets for plugs, you might end up with a phone or laptop that’s run out of juice. This 4-way adapter for chargers will come in super handy—it has the US, European, the UK, and Australian plug points in it, so wherever you go, just plug in and you’re good to go.

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5-in-1 Safety Gadget

Exploring new places, discovering hidden gems in a new city is an exhilarating experience, but you know what they say—safety should be your number one priority. This small gadget acts as your safety buddy throughout your journey. It’s got a flashlight, seatbelt-cutter, safety hammer, a multi-function car tool and a beacon. This should come in handy if you’re going to partake in adventure and outdoor activities.

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Portable Water Purifier

This one’s essential if you’ve got a knack for trekking, hiking, or discovering hidden trails deep in the mountains. Dehydration becomes a critical factor on this kind of adventure, and you can only carry so much water without being weighed down. This portable water purifier is essentially a straw with a purifier built into it, so you can just find a water source and drink straight from it using this little tool.

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Sand Free Beach Blanket

If you’re the kind of person who’d choose calming waves over chilly winds, this one’s for you. This beach mat is sand and water resistant, is super-lightweight, and fits in your pocket {literally}. So, if you’ve got upcoming Goa plans, or a picnic brunch is on the cards while you’re travelling, get your hands on it now.

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