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Travel in Style to these 5 Getaway Spots with Presidential Wheels

    They say it’s not about the destination but the journey. While we believe nothing in life is as straight forward as that, the journey, if taken in a plush car which has all comforts and luxuries one could ask for, can up the ante in its favour. And speaking of luxury travel, allow us to introduce you to Presidential Wheels.

    Offering luxury cars on hire, Presidential Wheels equips and customises these cars with all things you need to travel like kings and queens—privacy partition, bar, refrigerator, Wi-Fi, electronic reclining seats, LED TV, ambient lighting, and lots more. And when you’ve got all these comforts, we believe the perfect way to make use of it is by heading out for a nice getaway for a long weekend. Here are our five recommendations; take your pick and let luxury drive you there!


    If you’ve been planning to head out with your significant other for a romantic weekend , we can’t think of a better way to make a quick getaway than renting your own luxury limo and letting it take you to Neemrana forts. Make use of the partition in the car for some privacy, switch on the lights to set the mood, pop open a bottle of Champagne in the car, and whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears, and before you know it, you’d have reached your destination. Enjoy a lazy buffet at the gorgeous fort, and if you’re up for it later, indulge in a bit of zip lining to get both your hearts pumping. All in a day’s time!

    Distance from Delhi: 130 kms {approx.}

    Driving Time: 2.5 hours {approx.}

    Price: INR 9,500


    Let the good folks at Presidential Wheels pick you up in a customised car at eight in the morning and drive you to Agra for a one-day trip. The duration is pretty much perfect to watch that movie you’ve been planning to catch for so long {but have had no time to}, so you can sit back and relax.

    For a truly touristy experience, Presidential Wheels provides the service of an English-speaking tour guide who will take you on a tour of the Taj Mahal. Have had enough of the same old, same old? There’s a lot more to do and see in Agra. Head out to ITC Mughal Sheraton for a buffet lunch for two and drive around in comfort before you make your way back.

    Distance from Delhi: 232 kms {approx.}

    Driving Time: 3.5 hours {approx.} via Taj Express Highway

    Price: INR 13,500

    Ramgarh, Kumaon

    It’s only March, but the heat in Delhi is slowly approaching and is already making its presence felt. If the weather is already getting too hot much for you, we say make use of one of the approaching long weekends and head out to Ramgarh to cool things off. While people usually take the train to get to Ramgarh, you’d be crazy to let go of the comforts of a luxury road trip that Presidential Wheels can plan for you.

    Quality time with your partner long overdue? Check into The Ramgarh Bungalows for a nice and quiet cosy weekend.

    Distance from Delhi: 340 kms {approx.}

    Driving Time: 8 hours {approx.}

    Price: On request

    Jim Corbett

    If you’ve had too much of civilisation and wouldn’t mind spending a day or two in the wilderness, take a limo ride to Jim Corbett National Park, where resorts come in all shapes and sizes. And depending on the number of days you plan to stay, Presidential Wheels can help you plan your stay, safari trips, meals, and of course, your entire transport.

    Distance from Delhi: 250 kms {approx.}

    Driving Time: 5.5 hours {approx.}

    Price: On request


    Been looking to cross river rafting off your list of things to do for a while now? Convince a couple of friends to join you and head out to Rishikesh asap as this is the ideal season for rafting. Catch up on some sleep on the super comfy reclining chairs during your journey because all those water sports will require you to be alert and mindful.

    We highly recommend you book your stay at The Glasshouse on the Ganges, which is a beautiful property surrounded by mango, litchi, and citrus orchards. Aside from river rafting, they’ll even arrange for you to indulge in some bird watching, jungle walks, yoga, and star gazing for that ultimate relaxing weekend!

    Distance from Delhi: 240 kms {approx.}

    Driving Time: 5.5 hours {approx.}

    Price: On request

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