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Work From A Beach Or The Cambodian Ruins Without Quitting Your Job


    The Remote Life, a shiny new start-up, is helping people get out of office cubicles and work out of beautiful places in south east Asia by setting up a workplace, arranging accommodation, meals and all travel arrangements.

    Work Life's A Beach

    Nischal Dua, an army kid who spent a good part of his life exploring the world, was surrounded by people who were sick of cramped offices and were itching to venture out. But sadly, none of them had a clue how they’d work the logistics out.

    So he decided to step in with a proposal where he’d take a group of 30 for a month to Indonesia, Thailand or Cambodia in exchange for them agreeing to live, eat and chill like the locals {just don’t expect aloo parathas in Cambodia and you should be good}.

    How this works is, you apply for this programme, deciding how long you want to stay away from that cranky boss {or the office snitch}. The screening panel then studies your application and gets in touch if they feel you make the cut. You pay approx. INR 85,000 for a month-long engagement with travel, accommodation, meals, learnings and workspace included and… wooo, you’re off.

    Friends & Learnings For Life

    The good folks at The Remote Life don’t only let you work from serene, far away locations {on a bean bag, holding a Pina Colada?} but also equip you to embrace an alternative work arrangement once you’re back home. To this effect, they work very closely with the travelling group and help them chart a future course of action with workshops, networking and a plan of action.

    Basically, you’ll hopefully come back wiser and ready to live like a digital nomad. 

    The unsaid benefits of this You meet people from diverse backgrounds who stay and work with you. The creative juices probably flow better in these scenic locales and when you’re surrounded by inspiring fellow travellers’ achievements and success stories.

    So, We’re Saying...

    A free-wheeling hippie existence is all too lovely, but not all of us can get by teaching yoga in Goan shacks. And for those of us who actually want to make money, this work in Indonesia by the day and chill by the beach by night, sounds like an awesome plan. Yes? No? 

    Apply here.