#TravelEssentials: 5 Things You Have To Pack For Your Upcoming Summer Trip!

Aditi posted on 27 April

Ten-Second Takeaway

Planning a summer vacay with your friends or family? While you’re busy shopping for the right clothes, hats, shades and books; we’ve got a list of travel essentials that comes before everything else! Get your checklist ready and make sure to tick these things off, first!

The Right Backpack

First of all, you need to have the right backpack for the trip. Nappa Dori has got you covered for all your travel needs – from Duffle Bags, overnighters and jholas to backpacks and box bags. The genuine leather is not only extremely stylish, but also sturdy and durable. Some of it might be on the expensive side, but the investment is definitely worth it! While you’re at it, check out their travel accessories too!

Travel Pillow Set

YES! Nothing makes the journey more comfortable than accessories that help you get the much required sleep. You can get really good Travel Pillow Eye Mask Sets off Amazon, but if you love colour and quirk like we do, check out what Chumbak has to offer.

Perfumed Body Sprays

Very important. Whether you’re going to the beach or the mountains, summer is quite infamous for all that sweat and bad odour, and no one needs that. Stock up on these body sprays and fragrances from Yardley London for that burst of freshness during your Summer trip. Ranging from floral to musky notes, Yardley London has got a fragrance for everyone.

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Accessories For Them Devices

In today’s digital world of Instagram, Snapchat and Travel Vlogs, keeping ’em devices fully charged becomes quite a necessity for most of us. Don’t forget to pack a durable portable charger which is lightweight and easy to carry at the same time. If you’re planning an international trip, make sure you carry a Universal Adaptor to charge your phone no matter where you are.

Shoes For Every Mood

How about shoes that are both stylish and comfortable – everything you need for all kinds of trips {especially if you’re gonna be walking a lot}! Go for Reebok’s Club-C Sneakers for shoes for every mood – from trekking to walking around the city. These kickass sneakers {for both men and women} don’t leave your feet sore and add that extra style, wherever you go!

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So, We're Saying...

Be summer-ready with the right things for an upcoming trip and be a smart traveler! Whether you’re planning a trip to the beach or the mountains, or an international destination – these essentials come handy everywhere!