When the scorching heat gets to be too much, we all look for respite in lands cooler than our beloved city. Respite from the summer, from our busy lives; a chance to re-connect with mother nature. Deciding where can be a challenge, so we’re here to help.


Tons River Trek

The largest tributary of the Yamuna, this magnificent river runs through the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, just about grazing Himachal Pradesh. It is an untouched area, replete with culture courtesy the villages in the area. If you’re one for rapids, you’ll thoroughly enjoy this trek. If not, worry not, there are plenty of other activities to make the most of the area. Trekking through the forest, visiting heritage temples, or simply enjoying the serenity of riverside camping. This is a 7-day trek.

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Dodital Lake Summer Trek

Ideal for beginners, May-June is a good time to make this trek. Expect to be surrounded by postcard-perfect mountains like the Bandarpunch peak. The birds are out this time of year, so if you keep an eye out, you can take in some interesting varieties. Camping by the Dodi lake will be a treat in itself, but there are a multitude of routes you can traverse to, including but not limited to the Bandarpunch base camp and Yamunotri. This is a 6-day trek.

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Markha Valley Trek

We all have Leh-Ladakh on our bucket lists, and trekking through one of the world’s highest populated plateaus, you can cross it off. You’re alongside the Markha river, taking in the Himalayan, Zaskar and Ladakh ranges. It’s breathtaking beauty, at its best. After you’ve acclimatized, you can explore three passes in the area – Stok La, Kongmaru La and Gandla. What to look forward to most? Camping at the base of Kang- Yutze peak. This is a 12-day trek.

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The Kuari Pass Trek

A pass that lies in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas, just south of the Tibetan border, ‘kuari‘ translates to ‘doorway’, and it’s served as just that for many exploratory expeditions in the past. The views on this trek are the best, as you can imagine. You’ll be surrounded by some of India’s highest, most ethereal peaks like Mana and Kamet, just to name a few. Sometimes, sticking to the beaten path can be just as wondrous as straying. This is a 6-day trek.

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Sham Valley Trek

This one is a low-altitude, easy trek, to gain insight into the traditions of Leh, and to take in the beauty at the same time. Characterized by short treks {you won’t gain more than 4500m}, the trek allows for you to engage with the locals in the Ladakhi villages, photograph your gorgeous surroundings, and experience the multitude of monasteries in the region. Home stays make this trek personalized; an experience you’ll carry with you for years to come. This is an 8-day trek.

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Dodital Hanumanchatti Trek

This one is fairly similar to the Dodital trek, but designed for first-timers looking to dip their toe into the lake {figuratively, in this case}. It’s far easier, involves exploring fewer spots, yet at cold enough altitudes for you to get used to trekking in the hills. Warming you up, so to speak. You’ll still be high enough to admire the Bandarpunch peak, as well as explore the Darwa pass, so there’s plenty to look forward to. This is a 6-day trek.

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