What Is it?

A group trip to Karma Vilas Resort, Mussoorie organised by Pet Fed. The whole idea is to bring your dog{s}, get together with other like-minded people and their dogs, and have a ball of a time.

Who Is It For?


Photo source: Pet Fed

For all those dog owners who constantly worry about going on a vacation because of leaving their dogs behind. So, instead of going on a guilt trip {hehe}, take your furry ball with you. You know it’s always more fun with a few wuffs around anyway.

Why Should I Go For It?

Because your pooch deserves a vacation just as much as you do. And being away from the city and the pollution isn’t going to harm the either of you; it’s three days of bonding time and socialising for both of you.

Anything Else?

Pet Fed has a tonne of fun activities and games planned, keeping both the humans and the dogs in mind. There will be lots of treks filled with gorgeous views, wild flowers and creepers. We hear they’re also planning an exciting treasure hunt, where you best friend’s instincts are definitely going to be helpful in solving the clues.

And yes, before your face falls, lots of yummy food is in the pipelines.

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When: Aug 26 – Aug 28

Where: Karma Vilas Resort, Mussoorie

Contact: +91 9811639193

Price: Starting at INR 15,000 for a two person occupancy {your dog gets free accommodation}

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Featured Photo: Skeeze via Pixabay