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Trippy Tales: Delhi’s Trippy Artist Movement

Sunaina posted on 17th December

Ten Second Takeaway

A collective of artists, Trippy Tales is a combination of poets, musicians, filmmakers, writers, graphic designers, visual artists, dancers and anyone and everyone who uses art as a medium of expression.

How Did It All Start?

There were 10 of them when they started out. Slowly they travelled, lived, worked, transformed, learnt and made art together and grew as a community, stronger in their perspective and purpose in life.

From small rooftop gatherings they have evolved as a tribe of people and now engage in performances at public spaces in Delhi.

How Do They Do It?

Well, this fascinating bunch of people use different tools and techniques to promote verbal and non-verbal communication. They believe in the power of performance and you will usually find them engaging with an audience through a musical performance, poetry session, storytelling or even plays.

So, if you’re an artist looking to engage with people in the city, you need to find these people and collaborate with them. They’re very friendly and supporting, and understand the undying struggle an artist goes through in the city.

How To Find Them?

They have a very interactive Facebook page and they’ll respond to anything and everything you have questions about. They do a variety of performances in the city and have some super cool performances lined up around Christmas.

So We’re Saying…

Help promote artists in the city. You can also associate with them and donate art supplies etc. for artists.

Contact: +91 7042683389

Photos source: Trippy Tales 

Trippy Tales

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