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Try the Furniture Market on Golf Course Road for a Stellar Deal

Shazma posted on 10 June

The only thing that would bring the average Gurgaon-ian out of their air conditioned slumber and across the border, in this scorching heat, would be to score the hottest bargains from the many flea markets in Delhi. But this metro city with a penchant for malls, seems to have given the scrappy Banjaras of the area a lucrative business opportunity.

The furniture market in question spans from the AIT Chowk on Golf Course Road till Tao Devi Lal Bio Diversity Park. The outdoor display of handcrafted earthen pots could easily have a passerby waive it off as just some of the many road side vendors spanning the city. But for the curious, a halt in the journey to step inside the area {it's right beyond the foot path and barred by barbed wire}, seems to lead to a teleport device which would make one reminiscent of the famous Amar Colony furniture market in Delhi.

Filled with vintage, unique, restored furniture with plenty of variety - from dining table sets to small antique snuff boxes. The wood quality ranges from your average plywood, to engraved teak and oak. A trained eye would also be able to point out any small defects, and help knock off a few extra thousands from the price quoted.

For the ones used to buying mass produced, cookie cutter homeware to fill their sprawling flats, this furniture market is filled with one-of-a-kind options and surprises. Stop by for a glance, and grab a conversation starter for your house; one as unique as your taste. 

Where:  The road connecting Golf Course Road to Ardee City Road on the CNG Petrol Pump side.

Price Point- Anywhere from INR 500 - INR 5000, depending solely on the piece in question and your bargaining skills.

LBB Tip - Park at a distance and walk to the shops; the more expensive looking the car, the higher the price quoted.