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    TummTumm Brings Home-Catered Lunch to Gurgaon

    Aditi posted on 14 March

    By Aditi Datta

    Of all the questions in the existential universe, the one that plagues us most often is simply this – what do we eat for lunch?

    Our breakfasts may be thoughtless, our dinners often raucous, but it’s lunch that needs the most consideration. We want it home-cooked but without actually cooking it at home. We want it light but it must be substantial; we want delight but not distraction.

    The latest to join the Gurgaon lunch race is TummTumm – lunches prepared by home chefs are transported to office desks and homes all over Gurgaon.

    The daily changing menu {only vegetarian for now} is posted on their Facebook page at 8pm everyday; the next day’s meal; if it tickles your fancy, you can order right away, or if you’re prepared to deal with the possibility that it may get sold out, you can wait till the mood strikes. Orders can be placed via phone or on the Android app.

    We ordered on a weekday when we couldn’t deal with decision-making, and happened to hit upon the Bombay Street Food Festival – with Chef Shachi Jain’s Pav Bhaji and Chef Pooja Sangwan’s Vada Pav, which came over-cautiously packaged, with cutlery and condiments; we got the right portions of size, substance and satisfaction.

    Our tumm tumms say thank you very much.

    Notes in our Little Black Book |

    Notoriously difficult to Google, the latest lunch delivery service in Gurgaon brings home-cooked meals prepared by at-home chefs, delivered to homes and offices all over Gurgaon. Orders can be placed on the Android app as well.

    For more information and to see the daily changing menu: Click here

    Contact: Call +91-8375047252

    Prices: Meals for one person typically at INR 100 – 120. No minimum order for delivery.

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