Turn To Superbites For Super Foods That Are Tasty & Affordable


Helping you skip the preservatives, Superbites brings healthy, power-packed and filling snacks such as granola and mixed nuts to your table, while also doing their bit to reduce child malnutrition.

The Product

Taking all super foods into consideration, Superbites creates products for the fitness junkie and health conscious eater alike. From energy bars and supplements to nuts and nut butters, all the eats are high on nutrition and convenience.

We Can’t Stop Snacking..

On their Supersquares {dates, cocoa and oat squares}, the raisin granola and the salted almonds. Neatly packaged in ziplock pouches {convenient}, the products make sure taste and health are perfectly put together so you have to compromise on neither.

Tellin’ It Like It Is

Each pack has all the ingredients and the nutrition facts on the back, so you know exactly what you’re getting into. They also keep in mind allergies people may have and make sure to mention it on the pack.

What Else?

The norm is that eating healthy entails spending a small fortune, one that many people cannot shell out. Superbites has made all its ware very economical, so you can expect to eat clean without burning a hole through your pocket.

With every product you buy, a certain part of the cost goes toward the cause that they support- reducing and eradicating child malnutrition. We love that they’re giving back.

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Price: Starting at INR 100

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