Ten Second Takeaway

Festivals mean gifts. Big, small, custom- you name it, and Foodhall is doing it. They have a range of options for the festive season, from hampers full of tea-tins, to desserts from the Middle-East–all in beautiful, crisp packaging.

Which present will you choose?

Instead of going down the traditional mithai route, why not try a little something off the beaten path this year? That look of surprise on your family and friends’ faces will be one for the ages! We recommend that you go with a hamper of bread and crackers, with cheese, dips and jams. Looking closer to home? The Baklava platter {Middle Eastern sweets on a gold platter- hello decadence!}

Eenie meeny miney mo

Considering tis the season to celebrate, why not indulge in some of the best cuisines from around the world? With nachos, five layered dips, salsa and sizzler plates their Mexican hamper is another winner. Our suggestion? Break it out for all them card parties. But what about the mithai you ask? Well, their macaroons, scones, tea cakes and the most appetising of all- the Cocoa Dusted Hazelnuts- make for a fitting substitute, don’t you think?


Fill your cup up

No matter how you take your chai {with milk, green, iced or otherwise} there’s always more room in your stomach {and cup} especially when you celebrate with family and friends. Go ahead and pick out your kind of tea {keep it or gift it} whether it’s a blend or single estate tea. They’ll package it in durable {and aesthetically pleasing} tins and sachets. Thoughtful? We think so.

They’ll make your gifts the talk of the town, trust us. Or just go see for yourself.

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