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Paloumi posted on 30th December

Staying In On New Year's Eve? Here's Our List Of TV Shows To Binge-Watch This Weekend

Aah, the long, New Year’s Eve weekend. So many new places to eat at, so many events happening, and so much family bonding. How about… no. The only thing this long weekend is good for for you, is sitting in front of your TV/laptop, and getting up only in cases of extreme emergencies {ie, pizza guy is at the door}, while binge-watching these shows.

The Crown

The popular Netflix show revolves around the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, her tumultuous relationship with her husband and sister and the monarchy. With heaps of historical drama, brilliantly shot scenes and a gripping story line, spending your New Year’s Eve with this show and some wine. It has hour-long episodes, with 10 in each season, and lucky for you, season two just came out.

LBB Binge Meter: Five episodes a day


Grace And Frankie

An unlikely pair of women are brought together when their husbands announce they’re leaving them; for each other. A gay affair, a strange friendship between a hippie art teacher and a socialite with a penchant for the finer things in life, this comedy-drama is another one on our list of lighter things to watch.

LBB Binge Meter: 7 episodes a day

Mr. Robot

The makers of GOT brought Mr. Robot, which is equally addictive. A drama-thriller about a cybersecurity engineer {turned hacker} who’s part of a hacktivist group called Fsociety. It’s dark, it’s twisted and it’s gripping. If you’re into psychological thrillers, get into bed with your laptop and buckle down.

LBB Binge Meter: Half a season a day

American Horror Story

We’ve recommend the first, second and sixth seasons, since those have been our favourites. This show is better than the ones you watch for guilty pleasure, and deserves a watch, especially if horror/thrillers/ghosts are your thing. Good acting? No question about it. Scary? Definitely. Makes you believe in the supernatural? Definitely maybe. You should watch it with someone you love, if only to have someone to grab during extra-scary scenes.

LBB Binge Meter: One season in two days

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Okay, there’s no way you won’t enjoy this show. It’s funny, packed with great actors and the characters are hilarious. Meet the 99th precinct of Brooklyn with it’s eccentric mix of detectives. With its funny set of crimes, their relationships with each other and subtle humour, this show is winning our hearts. Are we going to be watching this on New Year’s Eve? You bet.

LBB Binge Meter: A season a day

Jane The Virgin

A rom-com that’s warm, dramatic and satiates our guilty pleasure quota. Because that’s the whole point of this long weekend, right? To indulge in some comfort food, good alcohol and sappy shows.  Jane’s journey outlines an series of unfortunate events, unexpected motherhood, her confusing future and of course, relationship drama.

LBB Binge Meter: 7 episodes a day


For Sci-Fi fans, Westworld is just what you’d want to binge watch this weekend. The story takes place in the fictional Westworld, a technologically advanced Wild West-themed amusement park, filled with android hosts. Westworld caters to high-paying guests, who may indulge in whatever they wish within the park, without fear of retaliation from the hosts.

LBB Binge Meter: 2-3 episodes a day.



A medical drama for all of those who love Grey’s Anatomy and General Hospital, this show has been on since 2004. Hugh Laurie takes on the lead here, playing the role of a genius doctor who has a dark dependence on pain medication. His journey shows his questionable methods and eccentric behaviour, we wouldn’t want to say any more. Have fun getting hooked to this show.

Rick And Morty

It’s animated, it’s inappropriate and it’s hilarious. Rick and Morty is a fun show to watch when you’re not sober. Rick, a crazy scientist goes on inter-dimensional adventures with his grandson, Morty. Split between their adventures and domestic life, the duo have some wacky adventures. They leave you cringing, they leave you in splits.

LBB Binge Meter: A season a day

Black Mirror

Easily one of the craziest shows we’ve come across, sci-fi fans will love this {if they haven’t already seen it}. Each episode is different, with dark themes that explore the consequences of technology on modern society. Set in alternative presents or future, the show is a satire on our dependence on technology.

LBB Binge Meter: 4 episodes a day