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Call Twelve Tomatoes For Happy Flower Subscriptions & Terrace Gardens

    What Makes It Awesome

    Karan Singh Parmar started Twelve Tomatoes to help clueless (but greens-loving) people build their own organic gardens. He soon realised that he also loved flowers and could do stunning floral arrangements for get-togethers. So, he combined his love for both and recently added another novel service to his venture – a subscription service for flower bouquets. Sigh… Old-school things. 

    In theory, the idea of growing your greens or nurturing those phools is all too romantic but it’s only when confronted with #real struggles of “how much water?” or “what manure” or just “why are all the brinjals dying?” that we realise the power of the green thumb. So, in case you’re all enthusiasm but little knowledge, call Karan to guide you through.

    His team will create a solid foundation and even ensure that a maali is assigned for regular upkeep (plus, Karan drops by occasionally). They’re also nice enough to grow fresh produce and seasonal flowers in whatever space you can spare – a balcony, a terrace corner or a full-fledged lawn.

    Terrace gardens might not be everyone’s one true love but flowers… we don’t know anyone who doesn’t like those.

    Whether you’re celebrating granny’s 80th or want different flower bouquets every week, because hey,  it’s sweet to have your morning coffee surrounded by pretty flowers, we just introduced you to our go-to man. He’s literally the best in town for unique arrangements (please avoid asking him for rose peacocks for OTT weddings, mind you) and his subscription deals to deliver fresh blooms to our house is making us go all gooey-hearted (want to surprise bae sometime?).

    You can decide the duration of the subscription but it’ll cost around INR 7,000 a month for a new bouquet every week.