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Uber Joins Hands with Safetipin To Try and Ensure Safety

Editors posted on 25 February

By Editors

Granted, you cannot take away what happened, neither downplay its consequences. But something is to be said for an organization that attempts to better itself, so as to have women trust them again. Whether you will or not, that's on you, but here's what they just did.

Uber Delhi has joined forces with Safetipin, a map-based mobile safety app, that tags safety scores to locations on a map in a city, based on safety audits done across the city. Didn't quite get that? Let us explain:

What the app {Safetipin} does, is collects data of locations based on nine parameters that together comprise a said perception of safety. It does this by measuring actual location conditions in order to generate a safety score for an area. This information is further supplemented with user comments, photographs, and by trained safety auditors.

How does Uber fit in, you ask? Uber will facilitate Safetipin's data collection efforts by providing access to partner-drivers and their cars. These partner-drivers {in different parts of the city}, will work in tandem with Safetipin's safety auditors. The project is said to begin as of the 25th of February, and will run for 5 months.

Get all the info on how this is set to work, here. 

Also, this app on its own is pretty damn useful.