#LessAndMore: Eye Creams To Banish Those Dark Circles & Crows Feet

There was a time when we’d look at all those commercials for skincare products and laugh at all those poor folks who’d fall victim to them. ‘An eye cream? That time, dear friends, were our teenage years, or at best, early twenties.

Then came full-time jobs {we’re not complaining}, grown-up responsibilities {we’re complaining a little bit}, and the visible, albeit slowly-approaching, signs of ageing {okay, now we’re crying}. And guess which product we were reaching out for right away? The under-eye cream. Yep, karma’s a bitch.

In the same boat as us? We’re here with help.

For Less: Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel

One of the first eye creams/gels we ever used, the Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel managed to impress us. It is gel based, so it’s pretty cool for soothing puffy and swollen eyes in the morning {or after a good cry}.

With extracts of natural products such as flax seed, lemon peel, aloe vera, green tea, and witch hazel essential oil, this is what you should pick up if you’re only just venturing into eye cream territory and don’t want to cry over money lost over an expensive buy, in case it turns out to be not-so-awesome.

Price: INR 135

Buy it here

For More: Forest Essentials Intensive Eye Cream With Anise

Got the moolah to splurge and an under-eye area that needs some serious TLC? This Forest Essentials eye cream feels super luxurious as you dab it on the affected area. The papaya, potato, and star anise extracts help moisturise the delicate eye area and, when used religiously over a significant amount of time, even reduces dark circles.

Plus, for the quantity that you need to use, this will last you for quite a while.

Price: INR 2,250

Buy it here