That last spray from your favourite bottle of Gucci Guilty is finished, and now you’re just waiting around to save up for another one you’ve been eyeing for a while. Boys, you certainly cannot be perfume-less, because, well, you’re so goddamn addicted. If you don’t have the dough to buy one right away, here are some options that are going to save you a great deal of money, and will leave you smelling fresh and amazing.

Let’s Fly

Brand: United Colors Of Benetton

Price: INR 875

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Prive Oudh

Brand: Versace V 19.69

Price: INR 495

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Brand: Ulric De Varens

Price: INR 680

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Ice Dive

Brand: Adidas

Price: INR 430

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Cool Water

Brand: Davidoff

Price: INR 840

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Brand: Nautica

Price: INR 989

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After Dark

Brand: Maryaj

Price: INR 699

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Azzaro Pour Homme

Brand: Azzaro

Price: INR 914

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New York

Brand: Playboy

Price: INR 637

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Skinn Raw

Brand: Tital

Price: INR 999

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