Explore Bear Camps & Full Moon Carnivals In The Hills With These Folks


Got an undying love for the hills? Travel The Himalayas curates experiential trips to the Himalayas that doesn’t just include scenic views of the mountains, but arts, culture, history and more.

What Makes It Awesome

There’s not a lot that can compare to a trek through majestic mountains—especially when it’s in the Himalayas. It’s a different world when you’re a few thousand feet above sea level.

Travel The Himalayas is a travel company that wants to show you that world—in all its glory. They’ll take you to walk in the footsteps of the world’s oldest trade route (the Silk Route), take you to Drass to show you a bear camp, help you experience the paradise that is Kashmir on a heritage tour, or even have you explore the Full Moon Carnival and meet the daredevil honey hunters in Nepal—their itineraries seem to be truly unique.

They even organise treks all around the Himalayas—think the Pin Parvati Trek, Greater Lakes Trek and Tarsar Marsar Trek, to name a few. They partner up with local hosts in the hills to offer the most accommodating and beautiful stays in the area—wooden cabins, luxury houses atop hills with panoramic views, and cottages built like glasshouses for a meal under the stars—they’ve got it all.

Their aim is to show you the complete culture, arts, history, and the way of life the people there follow.

What Could Be Better

They haven't mentioned their pricing anywhere–we wish they'd given at least a rough idea for people to work with. 

Pro Tip

They'll do specially curated trips for you as well based on your interests, preferences and general liking—so if you're a group that wants to head somewhere special, but don't know how to get there, these guys know it all–just contact them directly.