Noida folks will now be able to re-live the nostalgia of United Coffee House without having to pay the toll, or that evil we call the Ola surge. No more heading to CP – DLF Mall of India is bringing us UCH’s hip new bistro called Rewind.

Just another week till it opens and then you can snigger when your friends complain about Gurugram jams wreaking havoc with their beloved Cyber Hub.

While nothing can recreate the slightly run-down and old-school feel that’s synonymous with UCH, we can revel in the knowledge that Rewind will shorten the gap between food cravings and the need to go down memory lane. We say this because the eatery will have UCH signature dishes rubbing shoulders with what the cool kids like in a 300+ strong menu.

Rewind will be a fresh take on UCH, which has managed to establish itself as an institution in CP’s Inner Circle. Think retro feels and music from the 50s and 60s. The best part: The food will work equally well for your grandfather’s birthday celebrations as for that fussy nephew who’s here from the US for a short work trip.

On offer will be a wide variety of salads, soups, smoothies, regional delicacies, oriental and continental favourites, British club food and desserts. For UCH loyalists, there’ll be a sense of comfort on finding the loved Desi Kachumber Salad at Rewind.

In short, united we stand, divided we drown our sorrows in pasta.


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Featured photo courtesy: United Coffee House