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Prison or Battleground for Dinner? Umm, We’re Not So Sure

Editors posted on 24 March

By Editors

We’ll start by saying this – we’re not usually ones to talk about anything other than what we love. Recently though, we’ve come across a curious couple of things that have made us stop in our tracks. With two newish restaurants in Gurgaon, called Lockup and Bunker, we simply have to stop and ask – what’s going on?

Lockup is a prison-themed restaurant in Vyapar Kendra that, in their words, ‘aims for customers queuing to experience life as an inmate.’ With little locker cells, handcuffs and the occasional mention of murder, this is a little taste {food aside} of life behind bars.

Bunker, in Cross Point Mall not too far away, isn’t quite as faux grim. The language of the resturant will have you thinking you’re in the army now; diners can even get IDs with grenade markings {for the valiant purpose of loyalty rewards} and can climb the ranks from Cadet to Colonel, with suitably varying privileges.

Now we’re all for paying homage to our men and women in uniform and we understand the thrill of being on a mission {as all of the gaming industry is testament to} but we can’t help wonder if we aren’t oversimplying life at the frontier over golden fried prawns and a sizzling brownie.

For the sake of all the army uncles and aunties whose houses we’ve grown up visiting, we hope diners don’t walk away thinking that they’ve had a glimpse of life in the bunkers, when their only challenge was having to walk over all the way to enter their credit card PIN.

More importantly – do these reflect a subliminal fascination of life outside the cubicle? And less importantly but still pertinently – are meals in shackles or in the trenches what truly tickle our appetite?

Fascination with an alternate universe and dire cirumstance is hardly new – every Grand Theft Auto game played only racks up points in that argument’s favour. But hungry souls that we are, we’re just not sure if our Red Thai Curry goes with a side of hope for bail.

We’ve been equally, if not more, disturbed by some other unusually themed restaurants around the world. Wild gurneys couldn’t have dragged us to the hospital-themed Clinic Bar at Singapore’s Clarke Quay while it was open, complete with wheelchairs and fake IV drips. We’d rather hold on to our soup than try the simulated 7.8 Richter Scale earthquake at Disaster in Spain. And we’ll positively say ‘no thank you’ to Taiwan’s bathroom-themed Modern Toilet – it’s ancient wisdom to never s*** where you eat.

Gurgaon, once again, keeps up with what’s going on in the rest of the world with Lockup and Bunker very much alive and kicking. And maybe this is the culinary equivalent of the eternally rocking Jailhouse Rock. Be that as it may, if you do end up dining at these Gurgaon establishments, which undoubtedly will serve up a great meal, we hope you do it as tribute to rebels with a cause and cadets with a mission.

Note: This is not a review on the quality of food served at the above-mentioned restaurants. LBB writes this piece with the utmost respect to the Armed Forces and penitentiary staff.