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Unwind With Foot Scrubs, PJs And Sweet-Smelling Candles From This Brand

Parul posted on 24th March

Ten-Second Takeaway

If you dream of going to bed in soft, fun, cosy nightwear then this one is for you. The Bedtime Story brings together a childlike innocence with a niche high- fashion sensibility to nightwear and bedroom accessories and it’s all cute AF.

Bedtime Is The Best Time

The Bedtime Story stocks a whole lotta home décor, gifting items and accessories and apparel for women. Their cotton shorts and T-shirt sets make us love checks and pleats more than we already do and are perfect for summer. If you’re more comfy in pyjamas, check out the ones with ankle ties {so that they don’t bunch up to the knees while you sleep}.

Prefer something more dressy? Choose their night slip {with a cover-up} that’s straight out of an Enid Blyton series or a midi-style kaftan that has all the drama of Arabian Nights. Choose from pinstripes, frills, polka dots and lace.

More Than Sleepwear

Whatever the weather, your toesies need to be cosy! Check out their fluffy pompom and frill slippers for Sunday afternoons and all the days in between. Before you slip your feet into these yummies, soothe them with a range of foot soaks; we loved the one for Sore Muscle Relief. Simply add these to warm water, dunk your feet and chill with a book.

Add a bit of aromatherapy while you soak your feet with a selection of candle, paired with each foot soak, and if you love candles, then get a few for your home too. Choose from amber vanilla or citrus wood and bask in the aromas of fancy.

You can shop The Bedtime Story’s collection here.

The Bedtime Story

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