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    Breaking Stereotypes: This Upcoming Campaign By Reebok & Kangana Ranaut Celebrates Fearless Women

    Anushka posted on 16 September

    How often have you been told not to step out late at night, be dressed in a certain way or sit and talk in proper manner, or simply told to behave like a woman? We live in an inherently patriarchal society, that has consistently defined the role of women – in the house, at work, in social scenes and in every dimension of our personal lives. To combat this view and many other stereotypes, Reebok and brand ambassador Kangana Ranaut have come together for a new campaign, #GirlsDontFight.

    Reebok has always been a pillar of strength and support to women all over the world, and has inspired countless girls to stay fit, strong and happy. Brand ambassador Kangana Ranaut too has steadily established herself as a trailblazer. Whether it’s calling out misogynistic practices and double standards or speaking out against nepotism, she’s become one of the fighting voices for equality in the Indian industry. Since one of the most prevalent stereotypes in our society is the widespread belief that girls don’t and should not fight, this campaign not only teaches you to be a warrior but to embrace your fighting spirit.

    In this short and inspiring short film, Kangana Ranaut is seen encouraging women to empower themselves and fight back. It is an anthem for girls to recognize their inner strength and channel it into a life of fitness across her mind, body and soul. It’s time to break the age old, outdated wisdom of girls don’t fight and replace it with #GirlsFight! To take up a challenge head on and never back down.

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