This Just in: You Can Now Get Rewarded On LBB

Editors posted on 28 February


Using the LBB App is getting even more rewarding! We've launched LBB Perks - our new rewards system where you can earn points and spend them on great products, places & events on LBB

Learn more about LBB Perks here >>

You can access your points from your Profile on the Web and on your App. Make sure you update your App!

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Update On iOS

Perks = Moolah

LBB Perks is our new rewards program.

You can get points for posting and buying on the LBB App, and use those points to shop for awesome products & event tickets on LBB.

The math is simple: 1 point = INR 1

The more you post, the more points you can get - and as you rise in levels, you'll start doubling and tripling your points!

Head over to your Profile on the LBB app to check how many points you have. Can't see your points? Make sure you update your app:

On Android

On iOS


There’s a lot more coming on the app, so make sure you keep updating it regularly!