Bikanervala, Haldiram’s or Wah Ji Wah—these are the first few joints that come to mind when the POA is to go veg. While we swear by all these places, if you’re in the mood to try some new spots, here’s where you can head to in Noida.

Fresh Food Factory

Photo source: GracinhaMarco Abundo

Photo source: GracinhaMarco Abundo via Wikimedia Commons[CC BY 2.0]

No fuss, just fabulous food. If you’re looking for simple, ghar ka vegetarian khana, head to Fresh Food Factory that has been around in Noida for a decade now. Rajma, kadhi, aloo puri, pav bhaji or paratha combos, pick whichever you favour and you won’t be disappointed.

The rush during lunchtime is very high, and we’ve heard that they slash the prices by half after 6pm. And if you still need another reason, the food is extremely light on the pocket.

Diet And Delicacy

Photo source: Diet and Delicacy

Photo source: Diet N Delicacy

As the name suggests, this quaint little cafe serves them both—if you’re diet-conscious, this place is perfect for healthy, delicious vegetarian food.

Choose from the likes of No Fat Wheat Spaghetti Noodles, Wheat Lasagne, Paneer Sandwiches and Exotic Veggies with Brown Rice among others. Else, there’s always the usual chole bhature and pav bhaji for those junk cravings to bank on.


Photo source: Imly

Photo source: Imly

Famous for offering street food from different parts of India, Imly has recently opened its doors to Noida. Palak Patta Chaat, Mushroom Malai ki Tikki, Gunpowder Fried Idli, Rasmalai Tiramisu, Kokum Banta Shikanji; there’s no end to our to-eat list here.

Thaal Vaadi

If you’re ravenous after all the shopping in GIP, head to Thaal Vaadi. Three different varieties of snacks, four different sabzis, three types of daals and three desserts later, your tummy will be grateful! Burp!

Featured image courtesy: Diet N Delicacy